Chickens provide a constant food source for families. Their eggs can be consumed or incubated to raise and grow more chickens. These chickens can be used as a meat source, which is hard to come by for many families. The eggs and chickens can also be used as a resource to barter for additional goods and/or income.

Located in Harare, Zimbabwe is an orphanage with approximately eighty five children called Rose of Sharon. Five hundred broiler chickens are raised every six to eight weeks in order to feed the orphans. Extra chickens are sold in order to provide financial support to the Rose of Sharon orphanage, and buy more chickens to raise.

This project is currently in process and is helping the orphanage become self sustainable. However, more money is needed; the cost to build the pen for chicks and raise them is $1,800 and Good Shepherd has raised $1,000 for this project. If you are a church group, business, or individual who would like to help raise money for this project, please contact us!

100% of donations and proceeds from products purchased from Good Shepherd go directly to funding our projects.

A small donation of $1.50 purchases a baby chick.


baby chicken donation


Milk goats provide fresh milk daily and keep people healthier. A dairy goat typically produces about one liter of milk daily; the milk is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The milk is also used to make butter and cheese. When a dairy goat produces a female offspring, the owner can pass that offspring to another family, which strengthens the community.

Provide a family or orphanage with much needed food and nutrition with a donation of $80.00.

goat donationgoat eating grass